5. "My Watchlist" Widget | DTD

The watchlist widget is a tool for traders to create and link their watchlists to our suite of tools. You can currently use one watchlist widget per pop-out window.

Some notable features are:

  • It can connect to our Stock Quote, Scanners, and Charting widgets.

  • Members can manage and easily switch between tickers on their charts instead of repeatedly typing them in.

Important Functions to Understand:

Creating a Watchlist

  1. Open the My Watchlist widget by selecting it from the Tools section on the left-hand side menu of our live trading room platform.

  2. Click the down arrow that appears next to Create Watchlist on the top left.
  3. Type a name for your watchlist and click Save. (Note that the name be edited in the future if you click on the drop-down menu and select Edit Info.
  4. Click the New Symbol +  button on the top right of the widget
  5. In the Symbol Search box that appears, type a ticker name. Select a ticker to add it to your watchlist, and click Save.

Link the Watchlist to a Color Group

Using the Color Link feature on the top right of your watchlist to link your watchlist to other widgets like charts, scanners, and stock quotes. This can be particularly helpful when switching symbols on a chart connected to your watchlist.

On your watchlist, the linking feature looks like this:

. . .and on charts and scanners, it also appears in the top right corner of the widget:

You can group your windows by linking them all to the same color group. Learn more about color linking in our linking article here.

Add to the Watchlist from a Chart, Scanner, or Stock Quote Widget

Using linked windows can be very helpful for easily adding to your watchlist from another window.

If you use a widget like a chart, scanner, or stock quote to look up a ticker that is not yet on your watchlist, you will see the a message populate at the bottom of your watchlist: Current watchlist does not find this symbol. Add it?


Clicking "Yes" will pop up the "add stock" function, and you can then select the stock from the list so that it gets added to your watchlist.

You can view a demonstration of this below as well:

Saving and Resetting Watchlists

  • If you made changes to the watchlist but do not want to save the changes, clicking Reset will revert to your last save.
  • To save your changes, click the Save button on the bottom right.

IMPORTANT: Saving watchlists saves them locally at this time. If you are using an incognito window or clearing your cache and cookies, your watchlists will not be saved.

Next Steps

Refer to our other articles in the charting section of our support portal here to learn more about the features of our charts.

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