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The Stock Quote widget, also known as the Symbol Lookup widget, is used to view fundamental data and can be clicked on to load more information and news onto a new browser tab. This article reviews how to use this widget and cash tags for news.

In this article, you will learn about:

Adding a Stock Quote Widget

For members with scanner access, one stock quote widget can be added per platform window. To have more than one, you must pop out a new platform window.

To add the stock quote widget, go to your Tools section on the left side menu and click on Stock Quote.

Within the stock quote widget, you can view current and live information for the stock, as shown below.

Functions of the Quote Widget

Using the search bar and pressing Enter will pull up the stock and its data within the stock quote widget. The letters do not need to be capitalized when searching.

If using the color link function, you can click on tickers or enter stock tickers on other linked widgets to make them appear on the stock quote widget. Similarly, the color link function allows you to type tickers on the stock quote widget and simultaneously have them appear in the other linked widgets.

 We recommend using this feature to increase the speed at which you can navigate our platform.

To learn more about how to use the color link function in the chatroom and charts, please see our guide here.

To condense information, you can opt to minimize the full stock name, exchange, and last updated information, as shown below. This setting will save for the next time you use a quote widget.

Data Found within the Quote Widget

The stock quote widget displays current and recent news headlines as well as current price and fundamental and technical data. Traders can use it to interpret how this stock fits in with the market and at its current price.

You can see the list of the data available in the image below. 

Using Recent News Headlines

The top three recent news headlines appear here. If you would like to see up to 20 of the most recent headlines, you can click the button on the right that says More. Once expanded, you can click the Less button to minimize again.

This news section has a few pieces of information you will want to be aware of:

  1. Freshness: This indicator shows how "fresh" or new a headline is. You can hover over the icons to see what they represent, as also demonstrated in the chart below.
    IndicatorAge of Headline

    red flame
    0 to 2 hours old

    orange flame
    2 to 12 hours old

    green "NEW"
    12 to 24 hours old
    no indicatorover 24 hours old

  2. Headlines: displays news headlines. At the end of the headline, you will see the time it was posted, and the date if it was a previous day. Click the headline to view the whole article and its source.

Keep in mind that just because a stock has news does not mean it is a stock should be traded. Use your trading education, experience, and risk management to determine if a stock is "right" for you.

Pop-Up Alerts 

To adjust how the quote widget and the news headlines interact in the platform, go to the bottom of the left side menu and click Profile under the Settings section. You should see a section called Notification and Window settings with three settings and toggle buttons.

Read on to learn about each of these settings. A pink checkmark means the setting is enabled, while a gray X means the setting is disabled.

  1. Pop Up News Detail in a New Browser Window
    • If on, it will pop out news articles from the quote widget to a new browser window.
    • If off, it will open up your news article in a new tab on the same browser window.
    • By default, this setting is set to on.
  2. $Cashtags go to Quote Website 
    • When turned on, clicking a cashtag will direct you to our quote page
    • By default, this is turned off
    • If turned on, it also disables function #3, and clicking on a ticker no longer forces you to be linked to the quote widget.
    • If you do have a linked quote widget, they will still work.
  3. Quote Widget Reminder for $Cashtags
    • This setting will display a pop-up message when you click on a cashtag without a linked quote widget. This is on by default.
    • If you do have a quote widget open, you will be reminded to link it with the color link function.

About Cashtag Functions

We encourage chat members to use the cashtag when talking about stocks. This can be done by entering the symbol $ before the ticker. Once you enter your message into chat, our chat room will make the cashtag clickable so that members can easily look up the ticker (similar to clicking on the ticker within the stock quote widget).

For example: If wanting to share about AAPL, you can type: "Watching $aapl"

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