2.2 Viewing Charts + Navigating the Bottom Toolbar | DTD

This article reviews various features available from the bottom toolbar, as well as other tips for viewing charts.

Chart View

If you want to go to pre-defined views, click the preset views on the bottom left to easily and quickly view the past year, 3 days, 3 months, or 1 day of price action:

"Go to" Specific Date or Date Range

Shortcut: Alt+G

If you want to see the price action of a specific day or date range, you can use the Go to function on the bottom left of your chart. Enter a specific date or date range and click Go to, as demonstrated in the image below.


Note: We only hold 30 days of intraday chart data. This feature is best used on the daily time frame if looking for more historic data past 30 days.


By clicking the display clock on the bottom toolbar of your chart, you can change the displayed time zone, if desired.

Note: The time zone settings do not apply to our chatroom or scanners. We suggest keeping the time zone to "Exchange" to stay in sync with our scanners.

Toggle Percentage

This feature turns on and off the percentage scale, which represents the spacing of pricing on your chart's y-axis as percentage change instead of the normal price scale.

Toggle Log Scale

This feature turns on and off the logarithmic price scale, which represents the spacing of pricing on your chart's y-axis, dependent on the price change percentage. This is usually the default chart style. Click here to learn more about the difference between linear and logarithmic charts.

Toggle Auto Scale

This feature found on the bottom right of your chart locks (or unlocks) the x- and y-axis margins. If changing and adjusting your charts, you might disable this function. If you do, please re-enable when you are ready to make sure your charts continue to update to the current price action.

Moving and Zooming on Charts

There are several ways to navigate charts, including:  

  • Double-click on chart area: zooms in and out
  • Click + drag: Left-click and hold, then move your mouse to scan in that direction. This works in the chart area as well as on the x- and y-axes.
  • CTRL + mouse wheel: This holds the current candle as the center and zooms in or out on that candle. This works in the chart area as well as on the x- and y-axes.
  • Hover + mouse wheel: Hover over the x or y axis and use your scroll wheel (doing this over the chart area will move along the x-axis).
  • Click + arrow keys: Click anywhere on your chart and use your left and right arrow keys to scroll bar by bar in that direction.
  • Navigation toolbar: Hover over the x-axis and navigation tools will appear. Click to use them accordingly.

View the video below for a demonstrating on moving and zooming on charts. 

Resetting Chart View

If you have stretched or skewed the chart, you may wish to reset one or both of your axes. You can double-click either axes to re-center it to the last default, or use one of the following shortcuts:

  • Reset Y-axis: Alt+R
  • Reset X-axis: Ctrl+Alt+Q

The gif below shows recentering by double-clicking:

Next Steps

Please remember to refer to our other articles in the charting section of our support portal here to learn more about other features of our charts.

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