Scanners: Error Messages with Market Data Agreements & DTD Scanners

If this article and other resources do not answer your questions about the scanners or process for signing market data agreements, please submit a ticket or send an email to , preferably with the subject line "Scanner Issues" and a description of the error you are encountering.

How to Access Scanners

All members must sign market data agreements for the stock scanners before they are granted access to them. This is a requirement by the providers who supply the live market data for the scanner platform, and is common in the industry for trading tools with market data. Please see how to sign market data agreements here, and more information on scanners here. This page will only address error messages that one might encounter when signing these agreements or accessing scanners.

Errors When Accessing Scanners or Agreements Page

Page is stuck on "Processing..." or "Pending"

One common issue is not being able to load the agreements form at all and be stuck at a Pending or Processing error. If this is the case, you most likely have an ad-blocker or pop-up blocker enabled that you will have to disable to finish signing the agreements. Click here for information on how to disable a pop-up blocker. You might also need to check if a new window opened in the background or a new tab to finish the application.

If that does not resolve your issue, please make sure you are not running a VPN and try again.

"Loading - Please Wait..."

This error message occurs for some users when trying to access the page to sign market data agreements. If you are not able to access the agreement form and receive this message, please check your Day Trade Dash Contact Information here for the following:

  • Phone number: please remove any special characters such as ( ) . and + and leave numbers only. The hyphen - is an accepted character along with all numbers but no other characters will be valid.
  • City: If the information edited in the city field is over 32 characters long (including spaces), please shorten the city name
  • Last Name: If your last name is longer than 32 characters (including spaces), please remove all characters after the 32nd.

If you make any changes to this information, be sure to save the information, and sign out and back in at . If you are still unable to access the agreements page after entering the chat room, please submit a ticket or send an email to , preferably with the subject line "Scanner Issues" and a description of the error you are encountering.

"Sorry, You are Not Permitted to View Stock Scanner"

If you have not signed market data agreements yet, please do so  by following the steps on this page here. Remember that you must sign out and back in after completing agreements.

If you have already completed the agreements form and signed in again, please check if your email addresses match across your account:

If any of the above email fields do not match, please contact our Support Team. If your contact information is the only discrepancy, please update your contact information to match the other addresses and to remove any capital letters, and then sign out of the Day Trade Dash website and back in and try accessing scanners. If you are still unable to access the scanners, please submit a ticket or send an email to , preferably with the subject line "Scanner Issues" and a description of the error you are encountering.

"There was a problem with your Agreement account."

Please submit a ticket or send an email to , preferably with the subject line "Scanner Issues" and a description of the error you are encountering.

"Your account is still processing. This process may take up to 2-4 hours."

This error occurs when members have just recently signed up for your membership. Please revisit the agreement form later. We encourage you to review the onboarding materials in the meantime!

"There is no valid data." or scanner not updating

There may be no data to meet the criteria of that scanner. Please remember that HOD Momo scanner and halt scanners are not likely to have data pre-market.

This error message may also appear if there is an error at the market data provider. Please check the chat room announcements for any updates and notifications. You can also refresh your chat room browser page to refresh data if needed (on Windows systems, holding Shift and pressing the F5 key will perform a hard refresh of the browser page). After confirming that there are no announcements in the chat room to explain the incident, and that it is an appropriate time of day for the scanner to receive data, feel free to submit a ticket.

Error When Filling Out Market Data Agreements

"Not a valid sid."

This error message means that the page has timed out. Please go back to the chat room and click the link to sign market data agreements so that the system can generate a fresh form for signing.

"Invalid signature."

This error message usually indicates that there is an extra space after your first or last name in the Personal Information section of the agreement form. Please review those fields and make sure there are not any extra spaces, most commonly at the end of the name. After confirming this, make sure that your signature at the bottom of the form 100% matches your first and last name in the Personal Information section. Please review to make sure it matches exactly, and that there are no trailing spaces in any of the fields.

If you've already confirmed this, try clearing your browser cache and cookies first as well just in case the browser is caching the old form. Information on clearing your cache can be found here: or you can use a different browser to sign in again here.

Other Errors on Agreements Page

There are several other errors that users may encounter when filling out market data agreements, though they are generally intuitive as to which section on the agreement form you may need to refer to in order to check your information.

If you have any questions about the error, please submit a ticket with information about the error you received and the information you have filled out in the corresponding field on the form.

I Already Signed Market Data Agreements...

...and am receiving "Error QAE-108: Quote User NOT Active"

This error message is typically a result of market data getting deactivated by the market data provider, QuoteMedia, when they don't receive a response to a compliance email they sent to confirm important information. Take a look for an email from in both your inbox and spam folders. If you find the email, you can simply reply to it with the information requested. If you cannot locate the email, we'd be happy to help you get in touch with their team if you submit a support request here.

...and I am being told my live market data is not active.

If you already signed market data agreements and are being told are not permitted to view the scanner, please do the following:

1. Click the link shown below to sign and activate the agreements again. 

2. On the next page, if you see the option to Re-Activate your account, click that button. If you are seeing it suggest that you haven't yet signed the agreements (even though you have), please click here and follow these steps instead.

3. On the next page (which should be the QuotestreamConnect page), check the box agreeing to the Terms and Conditions again, and click Submit. You should receive a confirmation message.

4. You must then sign out and back into the DTD website at and you should be able to access scanners. If not, please test in an incognito/private browser window as well, and then submit a ticket to let us know if you're still unable to access scanners.

...and I am being told my live market data is not active. I signed a year ago (Annual verification.)

Due to regulations, our market data provider for the scanners will ask all members to confirm their scanner agreement information on an annual basis. If you have already signed the agreements and are no longer able to access scanners, this may be why. You can follow the steps below to reactivate your scanners.

1. Click the link shown below to sign and activate the agreements again.

2. On the next page, click the button START ANNUAL VERIFICATION

3. The next page will say "Update Your Account." You'll need to select whether you are Non-Professional or Professional trader (non-professional is most common - click here for more information on professional data). You will them have to agree to the Terms to continue. (If you get stuck at this page with a "Processing" indicator, please follow this guide above.

4. The information you previously filled out in the text boxes should still be populated. Review the information and make any necessary corrections.

5. You'll need to re-select the appropriate selection in the bubble questions. For a full walk-through of these questions, please see this page here. You can then click VERIFY>>

6. You should then be lead to a confirmation page which gives the option to print agreements, as well as a link that will redirect you back to the Dashboard to refresh your page. If you are still unable to view scanners, please completely sign out and back in at

For fastest assistance with scanner troubleshooting, please use the subject line "Scanner Issues" in your support ticket or email to .

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