Cannot scroll on the chat feed in the trading room. Auto-scrolling is not disabled.

Please note that our developers are actively working to make the auto-scroll experience easier to use. For the best experience with auto-scroll, please use a mouse with a scroll wheel.

If you are having issues with auto-scrolling when looking at past comments in the chat room, please note that using the scroll bar next to the chat box will not disable auto-scrolling (in other words, the chat will bounce back to the most recent comments).

To disable auto-scrolling so that you can view past chat feed without automatically bouncing back to real-time comments, you can either:

Option 1: use the scroll wheel or trackball on your mouse (easiest solution for those using a mouse), or

Option 2: follow these instructions on Windows systems, which may work but are not guaranteed:

  1. Tap on the chat feed to ensure your cursor is on the right window.
  2. Then, hold down your Ctrl key.
  3. Next, double-tap the chat feed, and hold your touch on the touchpad with the second tap.
  4. Drag your finger on your touchpad to highlight some of the text in the chat feed.
  5. You should now be able to use your up and down arrows to move up and down through the chat feed.

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