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The live trading room is equipped with features to help members curate their chat feed. This can be helpful for minimizing the number of comments you see in the chat.

  • "Following" or "favoriting" members allows you to easily locate trade ideas and other comments from those members.
  • "Ignoring" members allows you to remove that member's comments from your feed.

Please remember that we are using the word "follow" in the sense of filtering users and chat comments. We strongly advise against mirror trading or following another trader's trades.

IconDescriptionWhat It Means
Followed/FavoritedYou are "following" or have favorited this member. Their comments will appear in the chat feed with a blue star next to their name, and their comments will appear if you filter your comments to only display followed traders.
Not Followed/FavoritedYou have not followed/favorited this member. Their comments will appear normally in the chat feed unless you have applied filters to hide or filter their comments.
IgnoredYou are "ignoring" this member's comments which hides them from your chat feed unless you decide to remove them from your Ignored list.
Not IgnoredYou have not ignored this member. Their comments will appear normally in the chat feed unless you have applied filters which don't include their comments.


If you are hearing an audio alert for a moderator's comments and wish to turn that off, you can learn how to do so in this article here.

Follow/Unfollow or Ignore/Unignore from a Comment

If a member's comment was offensive or a violation of our Chat Room Rules, please use our reporting feature explained here before deciding to block them from your feed.

  1. Click on a comment from the chat feed. A profile box will appear with that member's name and comment.
  2. Within the profile, click the star icon to follow or un-follow the user. Click the speech bubble to ignore or un-ignore the user.
  3. You can then use the filter function to filter your chat feed as desired.

A blue icon indicates the feature is turned on, so a blue star next to a member's name means you are have already "followed" or favorited the user. Clicking the star when it is blue will make it gray, indicating this member is taken off your list of followed users. Refer to the chart at the top of this page for additional clarification.

This is what a followed user will look like in your chat feed (note the blue star next to their name and highlighted blue text).

Follow/Unfollow or Ignore/Unignore from the User List and View Lists

  1. Click the User List icon, as indicated in Step 1 of the screenshot below.
  2. Search for the member's name in the search bar to search for members currently online. You can also view your current list of Followed Users or Ignored Users by clicking the corresponding icon on the right of the search bar within the User List. (The star icon will show your Followed Users, and the speech bubble will show your Ignored Users.)
  3. When you see the name of the member appear on the User List, hover over their name and click to their profile or click the corresponding icon to apply your changes. See the chart at the top of this page for clarification of "follow" and "ignore" icons.

Filter the Chat Feed 

  1. Click where it says "All" towards the top of the chat room widget. This will give a drop-down menu.
  2. Choose your preferred filter: 
    • All Users will show comments for all users (except anyone whose comments you may be ignoring)
    • Moderators will show only moderator and News Desk comments (This is unable to be filtered out of your feed) 
    • Senior Users will show only comments from members whose Day Trade Dash accounts have been established for over 90 days.
    • Followed Users will show comments from users you have favorited by clicking the star next to their profile.
    • Other Users will show only comments from all other members that are under 90 days of being a member
  3. Select the type of posts you wish to include in your chat feed: 
    • All Messages shows all messages and posts from the row you selected, whether or not those messages include a cash tag.
    • Tickers ($) will show only posts from that selected row which contain a ticker with the cash tag symbol $. For example, comments like $amd or $AMD will be included with this filter, and the ticker will be hyperlinked to our news and fundamental data page.

        4. Click the blue "Filter" button on the bottom of the drop-down to apply changes.

Tip: You can open multiple windows for the same chat room and apply different filters. For example, one window for the Day Trade Dash chat can display all commentary while a second displays tickers only.

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