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This is a guide for the use of Day Trade Dash's reporting feature in our chat room platform. It reviews the following:

The Purpose of Reporting

Our chat rooms aim to provide a productive trading environment that is also positive and family-friendly. Admin help enforce our Chat Room Rules and ensure that conversations stay on topic, accurate, and bully-free. Members have the ability to help moderate the chat as well. We believe that giving our community members the power to report bad behavior will further help to make the community as much of a positive and proactive environment as possible.

Reasons to Report Content in the Chat Rooms

If you see another member post content that you feel does not abide by the Chat Room Rules, you are welcome and encouraged to report content that you believe should have immediate attention from our team. If, on the other hand, a particular member's comment is simply not of interest to you, you may find it appropriate to filter their comments from your chat feed. You can read more on that here.

Users must select a reason for reporting content. Here are the available reasons and when to use them: 

  1. Caps on non-ticker: A member is typing using all capital letters but not referring to a stock ticker.
  2. Personal Info: A member has shared personal information, which may be unsafe for the public chat. This includes, but is not limited to: phone numbers, trading account numbers, geolocation, email addresses, social media handles.
  3. 3rd-Party Content: A member has shared content from an unverifiable resource.
  4. Bullying/Disruptive: A member is making rude, targeted comments at a single person (or group of people), or they are making comments that are steering the chat to non-trading-focused banter.
  5. False Information: A member has shared an unverifiable rumor on stocks and stating it as fact, or is stating news that is not true.
  6. Inappropriate: A member is making inappropriate comments, such as something sexist, racist, or otherwise unacceptable to our family-friendly environment. Or, a member is cursing or using otherwise offensive language to get a point across.
  7. Market Manipulation: Member is posting comments that might be interpreted as advising others to take a trade.
  8. Other: A comment contains content that you feel is unacceptable and does not fall into one of the other categories.

The full set of Chat Room Rules can be found here.

How to Report a Comment 

  1. Find the comment you wanted to report within the chat feed, and click on that comment. A new profile window will appear, such as on the right in the image below.
  2. From this new "Profile" window, click on the triangular "report" icon.

  3. Select the reason that you are reporting the comment.

  4. A visual alert will appear to confirm that the report went through. 
  5. The comment will now be under review with our admin who will handle the situation accordingly.

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