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Did you get an "Restricted Access" error message when you tried to access the website? This means that either your membership is not active, or your login has timed out.

First, try signing in again. If that does not get you to the Dashboard, check your membership status. You can do this by clicking the link to "Check membership status" and then following the instructions below according to the state of your membership.


Expired or Failed

You may be due to make your next payment. Click Manage next to your membership and follow the prompt to renew your access. You should have received an email from billing@daytradedash.ai 3 days in advance to notify you that additional payment would be due soon.

Questions about payments can be sent to us by replying to that email or submitting a ticket here.

Active or Completed

  1. The issue may simply be that your login time has expired. Please try signing in again at the Restricted Access page.

  2. If that does not work, please try accessing the Member's Dashboard directly at https://members.daytradedash.ai/dashboard/ and moving forward from there, as you may already be signed in.

  3. If the issue continues, you can determine if this error is related to cache and cookies by using a different browser to access the login page, or signing in at https://www.daytradedash.ai/login-member/ using a private or "incognito" browser window. If you're not receiving the Restricted Access error message on a different or incognito browser window, clear your browser cache and cookies, exit the browser, re-open it and sign in at https://www.daytradedash.ai/login-member/ . Information on clearing cache and cookies can be found here.

Still having trouble? Contact us at at team@daytradedash.ai or submit a ticket and let us know what error you are receiving, what page you are trying to access, and what steps you have already tried.


If you previously cancelled your membership, contact our Membership Consultants at team@daytradedash.ai or submit a ticket and we can help with renewal options.

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