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The Day Trade Dash chat room is a proprietary platform unique to our community. It was designed by traders for traders, built with input from our educators and community members. It is helpful to understand the icons used and what they mean to get the most out of the platform and all of its features.

Platform Buttons & Icons

Icon or SymbolNameMeaning / How to Use It
Enlarge/ShrinkUse this button to minimize or enlarge the left-hand chatroom navigation menu.
Room Selection and Chat FeedFrom the left-hand chatroom navigation menu, this icon will pull up the room selection. From the top menu of a room, this icon will show the chat feed for that room.
ToolsThis icon populates the list of tools such as the Newsroom, Scanners, and Announcements.
SettingsUse this to pull up your personal settings including:Click the items from the list above to learn more about these available settings.

You'll also find help resources here including our support article guide and bug-reporting tool.

ProfileThe bottom-most icon on the left-hand menu displays your current profile picture and will expand to give you the option to sign out of the chat room.
User ListThe User List allows members to search for moderators or other members who are online. You can filter this list by using the search bar to search for a user's name, or you can view your list of muted and followed users from here.

Click here to learn more about favoriting and hiding other users and sorting your chat feed.
Files Under ReviewIf you upload a screenshot or file to the chat room, our moderators must review the file to determine whether or not it fits our guidelines. After you upload a file, it can be found here with under a red icon while it is under review.

Click here to learn how to send a screenshot in the chat room.
Bell / Chat SoundsThis notification bell determines whether or not you will hear sound notifications for the particular function. This may be audio alerts for a specific chat room, comments from a particular moderator, or notifications from a scanner.
  • A gray bell means the sounds are off.
  • A blue bell means sounds are on.

Click here to learn more about audio alerts in the rooms.

Screencast / Screen ShareFrom the top toolbar of the streaming room, the screencast icon will be available in each chat room in one of the three states shown to the left:
  • "OFF" indicator with gray icon = No screencast is available.
  • "LIVE" indicator with white icon = Screencast is available, but you do not have it open. Click the icon to open the screencast.
  • "OPEN" indicator with blue icon = You have the broadcast open for this room.

Please refer to the Broadcast Status icon below as an additional indicator of whether or not a screen share is available to view.

Broadcast statusThe broadcast icon appears on the left-hand Rooms menu next to open each room. It indicates whether or not that specific chat room is streaming a broadcast or "screen share."
  • "OFF AIR" indicator with gray icon = No screencast is available.
  • "LIVE" = Screencast is available
  • "OPEN" = You have the broadcast open for this room.
Please note that if a broadcast is available, it does not mean that audio is streaming, and it may simply be a video with no audio. Please click here to learn more about when to expect a broadcast and audio.
Followed / Favorited UsersWhen the icon is blue, it means you are following the user or viewing your favorites / "followed" list.

Click here to learn more about "following" or favoriting another user's chat comments.

Muted / Hidden Users

When the icon is blue, it means you have hidden the user's comments from your chat feed or are viewing your list of muted users.

Click here to learn more about muting users (hiding their comments).

View User ProfileAllows you to see more information about fellow chat room members and adjust your own view of their comments, as explained by Muting and Favoriting features listed above.

Report MessageAllows you to report another member's message if you feel it is inappropriate or a violation of Chat Room Rules. Click here to learn about the Report feature.

Member Color Codes

You may notice that some members have a yellow or orange dot after their name in the chat. This signifies how long that member has been in the community.

  • Yellow = member has been a part of the community for between 1 and 14 days
  • Orange = member has been a part of the community between 15 and 90 days
  • No icon = member has been a part of the community for 91+ days

For example:

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